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  • For Executive Training, Upper Management, Mid-Level Managers, Employees

    Improvisation (or Improv) is generally thought of as funny entertainment. However, the techniques of Improve have wider application and can be used in the workplace to enhance creativity, communication and performance. Investing in the performance of the moment, during crisis and under pressure, is the next frontier for maximizing ROI. Learning the skills of business improvisation and employing them in the market place will enhance a leader’s success in navigating through the unexpected and achieving results in an uncertain world.

    In Life IMPROVment Worshops you and fellow “Improvisers in Learning” will:

    • Have Fun Learning How To IMPROVE your life using time-tested tools
    • Improve Your Creative Thinking and Communication Skills
    • Learn How to Put Your Ideas Into Action

    Courses Are Custom Designed Based on Location, Audience, Capacity and Time Available

    One Hour, Multi Hour and Multi Day

    Multi Level Intensives available on a case by case basis.