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  • The Life IMPROment™ Workshop

    The Life IMPROVment™ Workshop is a whole new concept in the realm of “self-help”. It is actually fun, entertaining and filled with laughter!

    We all know that life has a way of changing and surprising us. In fact, the only constant in life is that life changes, and yet we are not taught how to deal with change.

    The techniques of Improv can be used by anyone for laughs or to avoid conflict, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, being fired, getting divorced…, you name it. In the workplace, the techniques can enhance creativity, communication and performance.

    The Life IMPROVment workshop is taught by Improv teachers, comedians, life coaches and Self-Help leaders. They not only teach Improv, they teach how to use it in almost any situation to make the best choices possible. Life IMPROVment also incorporates self help teachings made famous by such luminaries as Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, and Anthony Robbins.

    Learn what an Improv Moment is

    Learn how Improv’s “Yes… And…” can apply to many situations in real life

    Learn how to “Respond” instead of “React” to any situation

    And much more…

    This is an interactive workshop for everyone and where everyone is in the learning seat. Whether new to Improv or a veteran comedian, this workshop takes you to your next level in Life IMPROVment! Be ready to do Improv Exercises, have fun doing them, and take like to the next level.

    Self Help has never been this fun!