• The only constant in life is that life changes, and yet we are not taught how to deal with change. Improv has mastered these skills and now they can be used by anyone for laughs or to avoid conflict, misunderstandings, hurt feelings, being fired, getting divorced…, you name it. When dealing with job issues, relationship issues, health issues, life and death issues, Life IMPROVment™ can help!

      The Life IMPROVment™ workshop is taught by Improv Teachers, Comedians, Life Coaches and Self-Help leaders. They not only teach Improv, they teach how to use it in almost any situation to make the best choices possible.

      This is an interactive workshop for everyone. Whether new to Improv or a veteran comedian, this workshop takes you to your next level in Life IMPROVment! Be ready to do Improv Exercises, have fun doing them, and take life to the next level.


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    • Filippo Voltaggio - Facilitator

      Transformational Engineer/ Life Coach – Creator of Life IMPROVment,  and Creator of Life Coaching Boot Camp; Author and Host of The LIFE CHANGES Show.  Filippo’s Life Experiences range from working as a junior manager for a Forbe’s Top 30 Company, Solo Entertaining on stages in front of thousands and appearances on Film and TV, to Life Coaching Business Executives, Doctors, Lawyers and Entertainers.

      Mark Laisure - Facilitator

      Life and Business Coach, Award Winning Entrepreneur (R&D 100 Award, Emmy Award, Business Week Product of the Year Award), Venture Strategist, Oneness Coach, Producer of The LIFE CHANGES Show and Speaker on topics of Personal Transformation such as; “Reinstalling Happiness” “Business is not Business, it’s Personal” and “Greening your Mind.”

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    • “The Life Changes Network Improv Workshop was a day of fun, laughter, and rewarding social connection, with skill building from communication to emotional intelligence, and hands-on experience with improv learning from top comedians in the field. Filippo and Mark bring in the best talent to ensure you have a blast and take a lot home with you. - Deanne A

      "I went in to the workshop completely open-minded regarding what it might produce...The workshop flew by and I was left, with as with all great events, the wish that it could’ve been longer. The speakers were engaging and entertaining. The exercises had purpose and results. The workshop was professionally handled, and a great time was had by all. I will be attending the next workshop at my earliest opportunity." - Michael Spitler (SEC Solar Energy Consultant SolarCity)

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